I was taking the Data Science specialisation from Cousera. I started in December. When I started the price was £19+£30*9, either pay in bits with only one re-sit, or all in advance for two years of all you can stomach access to the entire course library.

Now it’s £19+£62*9. £577!

Cousera and/or John Hopkins have doubled the price of their most popular verified specialisation. With no notice. No communication. Not even an FYI to current students already started their specialisation that the price was going to increase.

I didn't pay in advance because the way the payment page was written. It extolled the benefits of paying in advance (2 years worth of access) but also told students you can switch from PAYG to pay in advance with a reduced fee (the lump sum less what you already paid). I was confident the price would remain the same for those who have started.

It obviously didn't.

They’ve went from ‘nice to have’ money to an ‘investment’ in what amounts to a disjointed pseudo-qualification where at the best of times you’re thrown into the deep end and told to sink or swim.

I was one of the first cohort of Cousera to try their photo/typing verified certificates in 2013(?). The price has risen since the trial run, which is understandable. I didn't want to be a burden on a non-profit, and, for the novelty of a certificate to add to my LinkedIn profile, I was happy to pay for cost recovery.

However I am certain that MOOCs even with Cousera's self-built authentication system does not cost £62/month/student to run. The image I had them as a non-profit trying to do something different now smells like a VC startup exit strategy/cash cow.

For the way that Cousera handled this I'm skipping the verified certificates. Greedy Cousera will now get nothing from me.

I'm more price sensitive than I thought I was.