Letter to my MP on Brexit means Trump

Dear Lucy Powell,

I am writing to you about the upcoming votes on triggering Article 50 to begin the process to leave the European Union and the petition to rescind the state visit invitation to Donald Trump. I am worried that these two issues will be addressed in isolation, whereas they are clearly linked.

I am aware you share these concerns, as you queried the Foreign Secretary yesterday as to whether Trump’s executive order was a ban on Muslims. No head of state should be given a state visit to the UK with such racist and intolerant policies therefor Trump’s invitation must be rescinded.

Additionally, I implore you to vote against invoking Article 50. Previously, leaving the EU had a considerable amount of uncertainty but there were potential upsides, now leaving the EU will certainly push the UK towards a dangerous government. Untold concessions await the UK to secure a quick free trade agreement with the US; the sale of our NHS, changes to our environmental protections, degradation of our food safety, and the persecution of dual-national Britons. It is important to consider the full impacts now, before signing away our position within the EU. Parliament must scrutinise the issue, non-binding advisory referendum, and government carefully.

As a constituent, I don’t want leave the EU, nor forge a special relationship with Trump.

Brexit means Trump.

Yours sincerely,

William Andrew Fergusson


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